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Why Choose us ? ? ?

The SCUBA Source is committed to excellence in providing diver training, education and travel. We strive to help you achieve your goal of exploring our aquatic universe by learning the proper use of SCUBA equipment and developing an understanding of how to safely enjoy our underwater world.

We do ONLY Private Classes, by yourself or perhaps one or two of your friends.  We do NOT put you with folks you do not know.  You might not be comfortable in a class full of strangers.
You tell us what scheduling you need.  We have Five Staff Instructors and can accommodate most requests.
Our Pool and Classrooms are attached to our residence, just a few minutes from Skillman / 635 or Walnut Hill / and Hwy 75.
On average your total course can be completed in four 3 hour sessions.

Here's How it Works ! ! !
PADI Open Water Divers Beth Rockwell, Chelsea Rockwell, and Cassidy Rockwell completing final exams.

We use the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) curriculum.  NO HOME STUDY or ON-LINE EXAMS ARE REQUIRED. This is usually done on the same day as your final pool session.
Open Water Diver Hoppy Glascock demonstrating a perfect Giant Stride Entry.

The pool (heated) portion consists of two sessions and are usually conducted on Saturday and/or Sunday.  However we are available for weekdays if your schedule so dictates.  Each session is about three hours, but once again, these are private classes and we will spend as much time as needed to get you comfortable with the dive skills.
Open Water: PADI Open Water Divers Narissa Aerstin and Jeff Roush at Athens Scuba Park preparing to begin their last certification dive with instructor Mike Benefield.

We use a private lake about an hour from Dallas.  At open water we will run through the skills you mastered in the pool plus do some fun diving.  This final segment is done over two days (they do not have to be consecutive). We usually start around 9:00 a.m. and are finished by Noon.  Upon completion you are awarded the rating of PADI Open Water Diver, Certified to buy dive equipment, book dive trips, and dive independent of an Instructor or Divemaster.
Your course is "all Inclusive".  Unlike most retail dive stores, we do NOT require that you buy your own mask, fins and snorkel to complete the course... We provide EVERYTHING needed to get you certified.
  • One Student Class...    $549.99
  • Two Student Class...    $519.99 per student
  • Three Student Class...  $489.99 per student
  • Four Student Class...    $459.99 per student

**Complete your Certification in the Tropics.

Using the PADI INSTRUCTOR REFERRAL PROGRAM GUIDELINES we conduct the Pool and Classroom sessions here, then you do the Open Water dives with a PADI instructor while on vacation in the tropics. Cost is half of the above prices. Please call us for additional details.

Ready to Take the Plunge ? ? ?
Mike and Janie Benefield are the proprietors of "The SCUBA Source." They have logged thousands of dives throughout the Caribbean and Atlantic, plus many lakes and quarries in North And Central Texas. Their Instructor Accreditation is sanctioned by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Prior to becoming instructors, Mike and Janie were Professional Divemasters.

They are recognized industry wide for their professionalism, patience and nurturing while teaching dive skills in a safe, fun and informative format.